Mazda 2 Button Remote

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Is your key remote faulty or worn? KeyNOW can fully repair your key remote to make your car key work like new. * Please note the image is for illustration purposes only. We can repair any type of key remote.

Full Repair or Full Refund
We guarantee a full repair of your key fob or a full refund.
Just Post Your Key
Order online, then post your key and we’ll do the rest.
Repair and Refurbish
All Keys get a FREE 12 Point Health Check
48 Hour Rapid Service
We’ll repair, refurbish & post your key back in just 48 hours.

Our FREE 12 point health check includes:

  • Full visual key fob inspection
  • Replacement of fob button pads
  • Replacement of damaged micro switches
  • Replacement or repair of circuit board components
  • Battery check/replacement
  • Battery terminals inspection/repair
  • Spring check/replacement
  • Pin check/replacement
  • Shell replacement (non-branded) if damaged
  • Water damage repairs
  • Transmitter activity test
  • Transponder activity test

How it works:

  1. Select your vehicle make and key type
  2. Order your car or van key repair type
  3. Send us your key for repair
  4. We will normally repair your key fob within 48 hours
  5. We will return your repaired key with secure free delivery

90 Day warranty

We promise to return your key to you in full working order. If we are unable to repair it, then we will refund you in full & return your key free of charge. If your key fob stops working within this 90 day period then we will repair your key free of charge. In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair your key, we will refund you the full cost of the repair, excluding your cost of postage to us. KeyNOW will only be liable for work completed by our own technicians. We will not be liable for further repairs where keys have been tampered with since the original repair.